Friday, March 2, 2012

How To Become Successful In Life

How To Become Successful In Life - 5 Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
WhenTalking| You can learn how to be successful. Lets get that out of the way before I say anything else.
Success is very easy to come by. It’s so easy in fact, that most people out there just don’t believe it when you tell them so.
There are a few common mistakes that people make in their quest to learn how to become successful in life.
Here are 5:


As I said above, the top reason people fail to be successful, is because they don’t believe its possible. If you hold the belief that you can’t do it, then guess what – you can’t! On the other hand. If you believe you can, then the stars will almost seem to magically align as you progress. Its imperative that you maintain good thoughts about success, and this is exactly what successful people do. Motivational thoughts on success can keep you on track and keep your eye on the ball, and if you take the time to look at any success models that are out there, you will will find that having a solid belief in your own abilities is one of the key success factors.
This is tied closely to beliefs. Learning to be successful, requires a heck of a lot of failure. You gotta fake it till you make it, so the saying goes – And its true. The more times you fail, the closer you get to success. The true winners, are the losers (until they finally win). And then when you win… Then what? For some people, the idea of actually achieving success is so alien to them that subconsciously they sabotage their own efforts. Make it clear in your mind what you want, and then as time goes on, and the milestones start to come and go, make sure that you take regular time outs to appreciate all your achievements to date.
You cannot progress in any field, unless you give it your undivided attention over and over and over and over. The period of time it takes to become successful, depends on what you are trying to achieve, but what is always present is a need to be consistent. If you only put in the effort once, and then move on like the rest of the world, then you will never make it. To be consistent, set a time slot in your schedule every day, and keep a diary of days that you work and days that you don’t.
This is the most effective way I know of to train consistency. Use it!

Similar to consistency, you have to have that burning desire, that need be successful. If you don’t have a wish to achieve, then you simply don’t want it enough (this will become apparent if you log your consistency and you are spending most of your time analyzing instead of taking action). Understand in your mind, why you want it. Fuel the fire and ignite your passion. Though we loath to admit it, success is counted sweetest when we want it more then anything.

A big reason why some people are considered ‘born losers’, is because they never ever give themselves a pat on the back when they achieve something. The positive feedback loop of self reward is absolutely vital to success. If you take action and then make yourself feel bad for doing so, then you aren’t going to stick it out for very long. Learn to reward yourself for moving ever closer to your success, no matter how small a step it may be.
If you can avoid the above common mistakes, then you are well on your way to getting to your goals. Keep going, and you will learn how to be successful and soar to success in due time. Ultimately, you must find your own meaning of success, and define success for yourself. The above points are merely a few red flags and points to avoid as your progress.

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success – Napoleon Hill’s books are well known as the go to books for learning how to get success in life. I recommend reading Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success as it basically gives you everything you need and thoroughly explains all the critical success factors and principles to achieve your goals in your chosen field.