Thursday, February 2, 2012

Deadliest Weapons in the World

WhenTalking| Deadly weapons, who wants to have them. While there are people all over who wants to protect themselves from the crimes of today, there will be those that will want to avoid those weapons as they consider them to be dangerous. Technically, there are two types that may be filled in as dangerous, and these will be those that are the mechanical types and the non-mechanical. Most of the weapons will be used in warfare, but when they get in the hands of ordinary people, it could be hell. Here are the top 10 deadliest weapons in the world today.

10. Heckler Koch HK MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun
Considered as one of the guns that come with the belt fed features, this was designed and developed by the Heckler and Koch Company in Germany. While it was developed back in the 1990s, this is considered as still one of today’s most popular devices that will harm enemies from afar. This is apprised as one of the most favorite machine gun replacements in the market, and it will certainly be a top gun for killing.

9. Heckler & Koch HK 416 assault rifle
As an assault rifle, this is the best in the marker for the Heckler and Koch brand. It comes with the proprietary gas systems that will give you the power and the force that will be used against the enemies. In addition, it offers you the distinctive gas system that was used to replace the traditional systems of the M4 and the M6. Moreover, as an assault rifle, this is one that is handy and small.

8.  XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun
 The ACSW stands for the advanced crew served weapon, and this will be the device that will come with the developmental 25mm belt Grenade system that will give you the smart shell capacity. Coming with the capacity range of as far as 2000 meters away, this is considered to be so powerful that it can destroy vehicles in the light armory types. Design by the US Army, this is the machine gun used to replace the old versions and will supplement and support the MK Grenade Launcher.

7.  Accuracy International AS50 Snipe Rifle
This is a weapon manufactured by the British company named as Accuracy International and this will comes with the feature of long range targets. Accuracy is another of the features of the company, and it will boast of the facilities that comes with the two part machined steel receiver.

6. F2000 Assault Rifle
Crafted and designed by the Belgian Company named FN Herstal, this was first held as an exhibition item in Abu Dhabi in 2001. Consisting of two assemblies, which are the removable hand guard in front of the trigger and the enclosed trigger guard, this is one of the deadly weapons offering you safety precautions.

 5. MG3 Machine Gun
A product of Germany, this is the machine gun weapon considered by many as those that will be chambered with the 7.62 by 51mm NATO cartridge. Technically, this is one weapon that was designed after the old guns in the Second World War. Over 30 countries have acquired and used this weapon for their infantry.

 4. Uzi Sub Machine Gun
Until today, the weapon is considered as one of the most popular. Related to the family of weapons that are referred to as the open bolt and the blowback versions, this is the first weapon in the past that held the telescoping versions housed on the structure itself.


3. Kalashnikov AK47 Assault Rifle
This weapon is one that is designed from Russia, and it comes with the selective fire functions and the gas operated 7.62 by 39mm assault rifle. Again, this is a weapon that was technically copied from those used in WWII. It comes as a popular weapon because of the durability and ease of use that this weapon offers.

 2. Thompson M1921 submachine gun
This weapon is more popularly referred to as the Tommy gun, and is one that came from the innovations of Americans. Mostly used decades past, it is still considered as one active weapon that will consider and bring much harm to the other party.

 1.  DSR Precision DSR50 sniper Rifle
Sophistication is the appeal of this weapon, and it comes with the powerful .50 caliber round that will be infused with the bolt action. This is a manufactured weapon by Germany and will be filled with features such as the adjustable butt sock and the cheek piece.