Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is this what is called Dead Love?

Chadil Deffy married his dead girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook
WhenTalking| (3 January 2012 )29-year old Sarinya Kamsook and her 28-year old boyfriend, Chadil Deffy were in love for 10 years. They wanted to get married a couple of years back, but Chadil Deffy wanted to finish his education before he got married. Sarinya also had a very busy schedule, so they decided to give it some time.

Deffy finally finished his schooling, and they decided to start planning the wedding.

Days were going by faster and faster for the couple, and before they knew it, their wedding was a couple of days away. Sarinya was so excited and anxious that she would count the days to her wedding, but her countdown came to a shocking halt.

Tragedy struck the couple just days before their wedding.

Sarinya Kamsook was in a terrible car accident that left her seriously injured. She was rushed to the hospital where she had to wait 6 hours in the ICU because it was overly crowded. During her wait, the injuries became unbearable and Sarinya passed away.

Deffy kisses his dead wife
Deffy was devastated by this news, but he wanted to make sure that his girlfriend got what she always wanted.

He decided to marry her dead corpse on January 4th, the day their wedding was originally planned for.  The event took place in Surin, a city in northern Thailand. A couple of their friends and family attended the wedding. Deffy placed the ring on her finger and kissed her saying ” I do.” The entire wedding was broadcasted live on Television in Thailand.
So he married his dead girlfriend, I hope his girlfriend is god side, amin