Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Real Face of personnel "Gorillaz"

WhenTalking| Gorillaz is a virtual band of England which consists 4 people and homage to hip hop and rock, the first album was released in 2001, a unique concept by using cartoon characters as the personnel that make this band more popular. 
But who the people behind Gorillaz personnel that mysterious? The following Searching HeardNews find the facts behind the cartoon character was not just 4 people. who are they? see below.
Murdoc - Bass

1. Junior Dan

Junior And or also known as Dan Left Hand is a bassist from Jamaica. he is not a stranger in the field of music. finally sticking his musical career when filling the bass sound to Murdoc. this occasion he can be when Damon (Founder of Gorillaz) Gorillaz Bassit asked him to be due to chance he also worked in a studio near the place of manufacture of the first Gorillaz album.

2. Morgan Nicholls 

He is a bassist of The Senseless Things, The Senseless Things itself is a very famous band in the UK but must be dissolved in 1995. pursue a solo career in the period after the dissolution of the Senseless Things and joined with The Streets in 2000 until he became the bassist for Gorillaz at some of his songs.

3. Paul Simonon

Is a famous UK musician, because he was a bassist for the punk rock band The Clash. Paul was involved in making the album The Good, The Bad & the Queen Gorillaz released in January 2007

Noodle - Guitarist

1. Simon Katz

Is the guitarist for the band Jamiroquai 1995-2000

2. Simon Tong

Guitarist of band The Verve. but eventually disbanded. involvement in the Gorillaz album Demon Days.

Ruzzel   -  Drummer

1. Cass Browne

Is a personnel of The Psychotics then joined The Senseless Things in 1986. Cass in 1995 formed a new band called Delakota, recent cooperative with Damon (Founder Gorillaz) Gorillaz as drummer in 2002.

2D -Vocalist

Damon Albarn

Born March 23 / 1968 - England, is also a singer songwriter and producer. His career started as a singer and main songwriter from Blur Britpop. and in the eyes of the world, he was known as the musician who created the Gorillaz.