Wednesday, February 22, 2012

11 The Distinguishing Between Boss and Leader

Go Away . .
A job that is similar but not equal, how can a BOS and Leader?

 where is the difference ????
1. A BOS creates fear in his men
A LEADER build trust

2. A BOS says "I".
A LEADER says "we"

3. A BOS know how the job should be done.
A LEADER knows what a career should be forged

4. A BOS relies on power.
A LEADER relies on cooperation.

5. A driving BOS
A LEADER leads

6. A BOS blame
A LEADER resolve the problem and fix errors

7. A BOS controls 10% of labor problems.
A LEADER control 90% of cooperative labor.

8. A BOS cause resentment grows.
Leaders foster a growing enthusiasm

9. A BOS causing drudgery
A LEADER cause job fun / interesting

10. BOS A look at the problem as a calamity that will destroy the company
A LEADER see problems as opportunities to overcome cohesive staff, and turned into growth.


so, if one day you're lucky enough to be in a situation like that, which one would you choose, will be the BOS or a Leader? the choice is in your hands :)