Sunday, January 1, 2012

These tips : Choosing Perfume

WhenTalking| Perfume is one important aspect of a woman's appearance. You must be smart in choosing the perfume that suits your personality. Here are some tips in choosing a perfume:

1. Think of a particular perfume that you find interesting.

2. Take time to visit the perfume counter and explain what you want. Then, familiarize yourself with the basic categories of perfumes are available.

3. Always try the perfume on the skin of the body, because the aroma of perfume mingled with the scent of the body will be different when applied to another body.

4. Spray perfume on your wrist or on the warm skin, so the aroma will spread.

5. Keep in mind, that on one chance you should try only two kinds of perfume. Because if exaggerated, sense of your smell will be confused.

6. Do not inhale the scent of perfume was sprayed. You should wait a while so you get the full aroma.

 7. Do not rub perfume on the skin because it will damage the material composition.

Have you ever wrong Choose?
I hope from now no wrong again