Thursday, February 2, 2012

Please, Dont Kill Me

| Do I look terrible for you?

You're worse than me ...!!!
Our ever skinning you to make a bag of your skin? or eat your meat?

We are funny, , , ,

 but we no longer even have a place to live? Is that greedy you can not share with us ...?

Do we entertain you , , ?

I don't even enjoy a penny of money from each dollar you give , , ,

I separated from my son who slowly starved to death ...!!!

 You say we are protected ..!!!

But we die by your own hands ...!!!

Is it true I'm your best friend ...?

What about my friends ...?

Was I wild and vicious to you?

Though you may be more wild than we are ...!!!

Must be just how much more of our friends who were killed just for your satisfaction?

Until when will we be tortured like this ...?

Do you still love us , , , ,

where happiness to our , , , ?

We want you to love our even though we are much different ...

we live not alone, we need them to friends, partners, etc.. and not to harm them, and they also need us to cherish and protect,
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