Saturday, March 3, 2012

An afterthought, what you get after seeing the photos below ?

If you feel your work is very heavy, what about him??

If you feel you salary very little, what about this poor child that?

if you feel learning is a burden, echoes the spirit him ..

If you always feel discouraged,
you also should always remember this man!

Did we deserve to complain
about the food at when he was thought of eating a Happy Meal?

If you feel your life is suffering, do you also feel pain like him?

If you feel alive You're not fair,
what about him??

when we were kids would always pampered and loved,
 what about they ?

and how your attitude to your mother ??

not the only comment I would expect , but promise of yourself, then do for the better. or yourself and others. distribute this message if indeed useful through the Share box below to persons your loved. thanks