Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is Real Life Rowan Atkinson / Mr.Bean

WhenTalking| Rowan Atkinson, If you heard that name might sound strange, but when I mentioned I'm sure you know Mr.Bean this ridiculous man. behind the action is funny not many people know that Rowan Atkinson / Mr Bean is a happy personal life, a beautiful wife, a life of luxury. and this time I will take you closer to the figure of Rowan Atkinson and his family
Family Profile of Mr. Bean:
Name           : ROWAN SEBASTIAN ATKINSON (Mr. Bean)
Place and date of birth: Newcastle, 09 -01 - 1955
Wife              :SUNETRA SASTRY 
Boy                : BENJAMIN ATKINSON 
daughters     : LILY ATKINSON 

 The photos Mr.Bean & Wife


  His daughter, LILY ATKINSON

 And, now his palatial home overlooking the beach

And what you say...^_^